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Release 0.1... or something.

Hey guys! A VERY pre-release edition of conformity-project is now online. :) Go check it out and leave a comment!

edit: duh- if that didn't work for you it's because i coded the link wrong. *rolls eyes* Sorry. try again!

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La! La! La!

(That's for you, Stephen.)

Haven't had much to say lately... busy trying to figure stuff out. I thought I knew everything I needed to know, but it turns out there is oh-so-much more that I would like to do that I know absolutely nothing about.

I don't want to cop out and use free services for things like tag-boards and guestbooks, especially since there are scripts out there (in PHP) that can do that and make 'em all customizable without it being someone else's and them having adds and links on them.


Anyway... wish my luck. I think I'm gonna try learning this new foreign language. In the mean time, I may blog very little.

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Turtle! Turtle!

If you haven't already, go and see the template I made for Stephanie's blog! It's greeney... and bluey. :) Neato.

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After many years (well, weeks at least) of dreaming and much ado, I finally have my own domain! It's called There's not much there now, but I hope to have lots of fun things along with my own blog, free blog templates, and other stuff that I'm interested in that most people aren't.

So um, yea. There's nothing but a "coming soon" thing there now, but check back often, because eventually will cease to exist!

I'm so stoked! AND! It's hosted by a Christian business. Part of their deal is that they only host God honoring websites so that we as Christians can know that we're not supporting businesses or sites that are unholy. Rock on!

I will be able to host sub-domains, too... which means you can have your own little space on in the future! maybe!

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